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Hello! It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged and it feels good to be back! I’ve been quite busy lately with my school work and weekend trips but I still find myself wanting to document some of my simple meals that have been satisfying my hunger lately. This morning, I decided to combine fruit and cottage cheese with a side of whole grain toast. While I love cottage cheese and of course I love all kinds of fresh fruit, I had never combined the two, but had seen others do it.  I used a nice juicy Cantaloupe for my bowl, which turned out delicious! Fruit and cheese go quite well together, and cottage cheese is kind of similar to yogurt, in that it’s very mild and not overpowering. This makes it a perfect vehicle for other foods.

Now, I am typically a Hood Low-Fat Cottage Cheese kind of girl, and have been this way ever since I got “burned” with a Trader Joe’s variety (who would have thought?!) and was similarly disappointed after trying Organic Valley’s Low Fat offering. With this said, I was in Whole Foods yesterday and decided to give this Organic line a shot. When it comes to milk products, I do believe that organic is better for you and ethically feels better as well.

Horizon’s product was very creamy (probably the 2%, where I am used to 1%) and had small curds which I prefer. While I don’t think it has won my heart, I may go back for more based on the fact that it is produced without any of the “bad” stuff. Along with my fruit and cheese combo, I had two slices of whole grain bread, which I also found at Whole Foods. I toasted it and topped each piece with just a smear of creamy Blue Diamond Almond Butter (I am still working my way through this stash that I won from Elana’s blog last year!).

The bread itself was a sweet treat since it contained Vermont Maple Syrup but still had very good nutritional stats per slice (70 calories, 0 fat, 2 fiber, 3 protein).

All together, this was a great way to start of my morning; fruit, protein and whole grain with lots of different tastes and textures to keep me interested! :)

After breakfast, I got busy with school work; you might remember I recently began a graduate program at Northeastern in Applied Nutrition. I am really into my classes right now which are Health Promotion and Disease Prevention as well as General Nutrition. For my Health Promotion class I am working with a group to implement a hypothetical program that would target high-school students. The program’s aim is two fold: to increase the students nutrition knowledge base as well swap out unhealthy foods from the “competitive food” selection (ala carte and vending machines) for healthy treats. Obviously this program is working to improve the health of adolescents (ages 12-19) which are right now a very unhealthy population with 16%  labeled as “overweight”. While this program is hypothetical, it’s exactly the type of work I want to do when I graduate from this program so it’s getting me very excited for the future and my career goals.

Lunch was spent in a nearby park in an effort to get some sunshine and get out of the apartment! I loaded up my turtle backpack chair with my massive Nutrition Text Book, water, a towel, and of course food! Here’s the spread:

Again, my goal was to be as balanced as possible. I believe I hit all the bases. Maybe not enough of all of them but what I have learned so far from my readings is that if you fall behind in a particular food group at one meal, you can make up for it later on in the day. I used to think that each meal needed to have each component but as long as you eat whatever it is that same day, your body will be able to use the nutrients properly and benefit. 

So, this lunch contained:

A few green trees! (or Broccoli as it is sometimes called)  

Food that tasted good. (AKA Multigrain FSTG chips)

Essential Amino Acid: Tryptophan! (about 2 ounces of left-over BBQ Turkey Tenderloin)

Fatty Fruit and Sweet Salsa (1/3 of an avocado and Whole Foods Fresh Mango Salsa)

All in all, it was a perfect meal to eat while learning about protein digestion. Is it weird that I like to eat while I read about what’s happening on the inside?

9 Responses to “Fresh and Balanced”

  1. Lee says:

    Your program sounds really interesting!

  2. BroccoliHut says:

    Mmm cottage cheese is one of my favorite foods, but I’ve never tried that brand. Thanks for info!
    Love your sweet picnic set-up:)

  3. Betsy says:

    Good to have you back blogging. Love the new plate!! Your schoolwork sounds really inspiring.

  4. BostonRunner says:

    Glad you’re back to blogging! Summertime can get really busy (especially if you’re taking classes too!)
    I love all your pictures they’re such great quality and you food looks delicious.
    Your program sounds really interesting, I always wished that we had learned more about nutrition in school, maybe set aside one other class that we took every year for something that will really help us throughout our entire lifetime! I’m just now starting to really learn about nutrition

  5. Stephanie says:

    yummm i haven’t had mango salsa all summer, i need to change that asap!

  6. Yay to blogging again! And Summery pictures. I’m rebelling against August currently.

  7. Your studies sounds so interesting. I think it’s kind of cool eating while reading about how your body is reacting to the food. I’m sure that’s motivating you to keep it balanced :)

  8. Oh and you should check out my giveaway if you haven’t already :)

  9. Those are my favorite chips EVER!

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