Breathe deep.

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ahhhhhh….I just returned from a much needed weekend “away”. I traveled north to the family Island in Friendship Maine  and was lucky enough to have nearly perfect summer weather (with the exception of one doozy of a thunder and lightning storm, didn’t last long though!). I didn’t take ANY food shots (not typical at all!) which wasn’t due to a lack of photogenic food but rather a need to truly enjoy my time and not focus on “blogging it”. Last summer I did a marathon posting on the Island so I’ll link back to some of those posts in case your interested in reading more.  This trip was very much a recreation of the last weekend (Labor Day 2009) I spent on the Island, even down to what I ate! I did take a few new beauty shots and will be highlighting one stellar summer cocktail that my Mom brought to share.

Since this past Sunday was Father’s Day, what better a way to start of the post than with a picture of my Dad! So glad that I got to spend the day with him and enjoyed some more FAST boat rides! One of these rides took us to Port Clyde where my Mom and I split a Fried Clam plate. Pretty much exactly this!

Since I can’t come to the Island without remembering my Grandfather, I made sure to pay a little visit to his grave site. Around every turn there is something that he built or that he loved which makes it hard to be there without him but also comforting to be there and feel his presence so strongly.

The Island is truly one of my favorite places on earth and breathing the air here soothes my soul. This weekend the air was a perfect mix of the Maine Balsam Fir trees…

…hot, summer-y, sun…

…and a good dose of salty seaweed! The best smell ever!

Something else that smelled delicious AND tasted good was my Mom’s special concoction that she read about in a magazine recently. It’s called Creme d’Mentia and you can read all about it here -  it’s supposed to ward of alzheimers, lower anxiety and lift your spirits! I can say that it certainly did the last two! ;)  

Recipe: Jim Duke’s Creme D’Mentia
  • Mix 1/2 pint of 80-proof vodka with 1/2 pint water.
  • Add 1/4 fresh lemon, 4 T. rosemary leaves, 6 T. lemon balm leaves, 4 T. peppermint leaves, and 2 T. sage leaves.
  • Add sugar to taste.
  • Steep for 3 days. Enjoy!

My Mom tells me it was much prettier on the first day but I still found it pretty intriguing looking at all these floating herbs admist the vodka.

We mixed ours with seltzer water (didn’t have tonic), a little sugar, and extra lemon wedges. I had two full glasses and enjoyed every last sip. You could really taste the fresh herbs which made it so delicious. I highly recommend “steeping” up a batch or two!

As sad as it was to leave this glorious place, I had to get back to work today. At least I was lucky enough to have my cousin Meg volunteer to pick me up from South Station! We drove a short distance to Flour Bakery (the Fort Point Location) and enjoyed a hearty lunch outside in the Boston heat. I wasn’t planning on taking pictures (even left my camera in the car) but when I realized how amazing this place was I ran back to the car and grabbed the camera so I could share this fabulous lunch with you all! Just look at the choices for sandwiches. Simple yet intriguing combinations. I had a really hard time making up my mind.

But in the end went for an old favorite: Fresh Mozzarella, Basil Pesto and Tomato on grilled bread. Flour uses Iggy’s Bread which is one of my favorite local brands. I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed but I didn’t know just how delicious this creation could be until I saw it.  I ask you two questions:  What’s not to love? and How could I not take a picture of this?

Simple perfection in my humble opinion. I ate the entire thing which left me pleasantly satisfied. I honestly think I may dream of this tonight…

9 Responses to “Breathe deep.”

  1. Jessica says:

    Pesto!! Yum. Need to get on making that and/or ordering something with it next time i’m out :) That sandwich looks amazingggg. Love the moz/tomato combo!

  2. Your photos are gorgeous!

  3. Simply Life says:

    what a wonderful weekend away!

  4. Meg says:

    Question 3 – Why had we not gone here before?

  5. Stephanie says:

    what a creative cocktail and that sandwich looks delicious!!! glad you had a nice weekend :)

  6. BroccoliHut says:

    Wow, sounds like you are having such a blissful summer. Love the looks of that panino!

  7. meg c. says:

    I’ve heard great things about Flour! I’ll have to go sometime before I move :(

    The island looks so relaxing, and that drink your mom made looks really refreshing!

  8. Betsy says:

    Love the pics, as always… great weekend and awesome food/drink. Here’s to the next time!

  9. Katie says:

    Hi Caroline – I stumbled onto your blog awhile back…and realized that I recognized you as a fellow Lesley grad!
    I also was in Friendship, Maine over Father’s Day weekend. (My parents live in Thomaston.) It’s a long drive up there, but so worth it!

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